We are a community and a family that grows bigger every day and makes the impossible possible in order to contribute to the growth of every student. We make a radical difference every day in personal and collective levels.

Benning’s benefit dinner

One of our main objectives has always been to take music to the most vulnerable areas of our country  because we believe that art should be within everyone’s reach.  Our goal this time was to reach Emiliano Zapata’s community and we did it!

Our success was due to the effort and dedication of Benning Music Academy, specially from our benefactors, more than 300 people, who made possible the nice evening organized in Jardines de Mexico, full of conviviality, smiles and good music; which helped us to raise funds to buy instruments and supplies, that will be destined to the new Emiliano Zapata Academy’s location.

We heartily thank Youth in Rhythm, Benning Music Academy Morelos, Ma. Luisa Orihuela, Mariela Sanders I., Sarah Salgado, Griss Romero, Andrés Almeida, Ana Olivia Albarrán Salazar, AB Producciones, Jardines de México, Emiliano Zapata, Morelos Government and the long list continues…

Assistants, volunteers, benefactors, artists, musicians, alumni, businessmen… they were all fundamental to reach our goal and have a full house that evening. Their unconditional support and unstoppable desire to help others, have made it possible for dozens of children in Emiliano Zapata, to be guided along the path of music, getting closer to art and far from violence.

You can be certain that we’re not going to fail you! We will continue in the tireless struggle of taking music to everyone.

Infinite thanks!