We are a community and a family that grows bigger every day and makes the impossible possible in order to contribute to the growth of every student. We make a radical difference every day in personal and collective levels.

Opening of Emiliano Zapata’s headquarters of Academia Benning

The opening of the Emiliano Zapata’s Headquarters of Benning Music Academy took place last September 19, 2020, in which were present: Public Accountant Fernando Aguilar Palma, President of the Municipal DIF María Luisa Orihuela Rodríguez, Municipal Trustee Ana Olivia Albarrán Salazar, Municipal Secretary José Luis Reyes Rojas, City councillors: Eugenio Monge Espiritu, Soledad Solís Córdova, Rogelio Félix Castañeda, Alejandra Remigio Nájera, Edith Mariaca Uribe and Gustavo Figueroa Flores. 



Also present were Bernardo Aguilar Calvo, who is General Director for Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; on behalf of the State Government, Jonathan Mejía, who is Director of Attention to Migrants of SEDESO Morelos; the Secretary of Government of the State of Baja California, Alejandra Pacheco, Representatives of Jardines de México Sara Vázquez and Víctor Sánchez, Federal Deputy Sergio Mayer and his wife Isabela Camil, Federal Deputy Erick Morales, President of the Board of Trustees Benning Mónica Vázquez and Rafael Márquez.

And of course, the presence of Tito Quiroz Angulo and our founders Nancy and Hans Benning could not be missed. 



All those mentioned above met at the new headquarters to hold an emotional opening ceremony, in which they reflected their commitment to this new project that will allow children and teenagers of Emiliano Zapata to have access to formal music education, being a great opportunity to enter the world of art. 



We are grateful for the support of our patronage: Jardines de Mexico, Holiday Inn, Huayacan, BMW Cuernavaca, Las Mañanitas, Regina Orozco, Mariela Sanders, Miss Morelos and all those who added their help to make this a reality.

Now hundreds of children and young adults from the Prohogar neighborhood will be able to benefit, promoting their dreams and life transformation through musical art.